What We Do

Modern Style Construction is an eminent expert advisor for all interior remodeling needs. We specialize in every aspect of Kitchen remodeling, Bathroom remodeling and Basement remodeling needs.

We are your personal quarterback helping you with the following steps:

  • - Visualize your concept.
  • - Foresee potential obstacles and solutions.
  • - Design renderings.
  • - Locate and negotiate on material and appliances.
  • - Set an accurate budget.
  • - Protect your home.
  • - Execution of the actual work.
  • - Quality control and final walk through.

We provide utmost attention to detail with all of our projects, to make sure our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Let's begin!

Please tell us what brought you here today?

  • 1. Looking to make income by renting a portion of your home? (Such as a basement.)
  • 2. Tired of an outdated look, looking to remodel?
  • 3. Thinking of selling your home, looking for ways to increase the value?
  • 4. Thinking of purchasing a home and need an estimate?
  • 5. Need repair work done on your own or investment property?
  • 6. Have special needs? (Immobility, accessing certain areas such as showers/tub etc.)
  • 7. Something more specific or unique? Please give us a call and we will help you sort it out or find it.

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