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Basement Finishing Testimonial:

“I agree with the other reviews here, I just want to add that their company is neat, and protective of your belongings while working. They always made sure that they left our place clean after each working day. Their painting is flawless. I looked for mistakes and never found any. I doubt very much that you'll be disappointed with their workmanship. They are friendly and pleasant people to work with.”

Julia P.


There are many options, gadgets and tricks that could be used in basement remodeling, where the entire family can relax and have fun. You may want to install a soundproof insulation for that home theater system that you always wanted, heated flooring for that dance floor for your kids or simply an elegant bar for your closest friends and family. Before starting your basement remodeling please consider a few facts:

  • Determine the reason for finishing or remodeling your basement, whether it is for more living space, entertainment and/or increasing the value of your home.
  • Think of the design and the layout of the rooms and their purpose, keeping in mind the rough-ins for the bar/kitchenette, soundproof insulation for home entertainment systems, maybe even installing heated flooring.
  • You might want to add another bathroom in the basement?
  • What are the colors that you wish to use on your walls and ceiling?
  • Determine the budget that will satisfy your needs and desires while not breaking the bank.
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