Bathroom Remodel for Less

Bathroom remodeling requires a considerable amount of planning. The bathroom is a personal space; a sanctuary where one can relax and enjoy solitude inside the home. A cluttered and outdated bathroom clearly does not promote rest and relaxation. Remodeling a bathroom is a breath of fresh air and will certainly promote wellness of the homeowner.

Renovating the bathroom, although tedious, shouldn’t be a costly endeavor. You can beautify this personal space by following these money saving tips:

Set a budget. Identify your budget so you don’t end up spending more than what you have. The budget will definitely impact the materials, goods, and services that you will be utilizing for your bathroom renovation. Strictly adhering to your budget will actually help you in choosing the things that you need to buy for your bathroom. You will be faced with the challenge of looking for items that are inexpensive but are of the highest quality. Having a set budget will also enable you to be more creative in remodeling your bathroom.

Utilize renewable and recyclable materials. You can contribute in the efforts of saving Mother Nature by purchasing green products instead. They are slightly more expensive than standard items, but are known to lower utility bills and energy consumption as well. Green products are also known to be more durable, easy to maintain, and chemical-free. An eco-friendly approach in bathroom remodeling can be as simple as repainting cabinets to the installation of eco-friendly tiles.

Work with existing fixtures instead of moving them around. It may seem like moving your sink or bathtub to a different corner or space within the bathroom is a great design idea, but it will only cause your spending to skyrocket. Instead, why not consider refinishing them? Moving plumbing system is an expensive activity and may even ruin your budget.

Optimize extra space by installing storage cabinets. A bathroom is a relatively small space, thus making it necessary for homeowners to utilize free space as much as possible. This can be done by installing a cabinet under a vanity mirror or by building a towel closet above the toilet if your home has high ceiling. You can store ample amounts of toiletry items and towels if you have ample storage inside the bathroom.

Look around showrooms and magazines so you have a solid and clear picture of how you would like your bathroom to look like! Do not rush in improving your bathroom. And lastly, make sure that bathroom renovation in your home is performed one at a time, so you still have a spare bathroom that you and your family can use while one is under renovation.

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