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Bathroom Remodeling Points to Consider

Bathroom remodeling, if well planned, would give great results both in terms of cost and looks. Most of us don’t get it done very often and therefore should consider a few important elements of bathroom remodeling.

Let’s examine the points one needs to keep in mind while planning for it.

1. Know how far you can stretch:

- Altering the Surface: It is important to check that the general layout, the size and the supporting structures (viz. walls, joints etc) are sound. The purpose here is not to replace, but to cover. Many get the surface altered and there should be no shame in it since, some remodeling could always be better than none.

- Layout Change: This kind of remodeling is comparatively difficult than the surface alteration type since one would have to work on the design, planning and execution of the new layout. The change in the layout is the only addition but, it’s a significant one.

-Complete Tear Out / Remodel: This is the most difficult type of bathroom remodeling. Many chose to do this more out of need than choice. You don’t have many options when the joists have rotted; the window and the wall studs are falling out. It’s mainly because of the accumulated moisture.

2. Bathroom Remodel Finance:

A typical bathroom remodeling would cost in the range of 15,000 to 18,000 Dollars. This amount would cover only the functional remodeling. This cost is mainly due to: sub-contracting (i.e. Plumbers, electricians etc); elements like fixtures, cabinetry and others. Home Equity loan is one of the commonest ways to fund your bathroom remodeling. You should also check out other ways by which you can save your remodeling cost.

3. The choice of execution: The choice is between ‘do it yourself’ & ‘hire a contractor’. There is no straight forward way to decide this. It depends on the kind of alteration you are looking forward to do. If it’s a simple surface alteration you can always do it yourself however, when it comes to layout change or complete tear out, it’s always better to hire professionals.

Keep the following points in mind while hiring a contractor:

Contractor Licenses: Always ensure that the contractor has a proper license. However, having a license surely doesn’t guarantee quality but only makes them eligible to work on remodeling contracts.
Permits: You should also promptly apply for the permits (viz. electrical, building & others)

4. The Challenges of a layout change:

Remodeling of a bathroom is comparatively difficult than that of a bedroom since in a bathroom it’s not only the visible elements that needs to be changed; you also need to change the underlying structures. They add to cost and thus need proper consideration.

Apart from the above points one also needs to keep in mind the challenges of fitting the new walls, joists and also some other structural elements. Your budget also gets affected if you chose to repair, refinish or replace the shower or the tub. Proper flooring is also important since moisture problems are common in bathrooms. Many prefer to use ceramic tiles however laminate and engineered floorings also work out well.

Good luck with your new project!